Wait Until Midnight (Jove Historical Romance) - Amanda Quick
He looked reluctantly fascinated and, perhaps, bemused. "You took notes about my appearance and attire so that you could apply them to the hero of your story?"

"Heavens, no," she assured him with an airy wave of her hand. "Whatever gave you that idea? Edmund Drake is not the hero of my tale. He is the villain of the piece."

I was thoroughly tickled by this last quote in chapter two, if only because the main "hero," Mr. Adam Hardesty had been such an ass up to this point.  But I had a good single "Ha!" moment.  Because the entire time that Caroline was jotting down her notes and getting so excited about this new character muse, I also thought that she'd intended to use Adam Hardesty as a mold for her book's hero.

It's so nice to see him brought down a slight peg, even if off-handedly.  I'm sure there's more to him than the dark, dangerous, and broody, but to be totally honest, he'd been nothing short of rude since his appearance, so I'm looking forward to seeing how this relationship turns out.

Having recently finished Amanda Quick's most recent 'Til Death Do Us Part and finding it a little lacking (review to come soon), I kind of decided to run out and check out another of her books, one that had a lot of good reviews and more praise.  I noted that many others were also disappointed with a lot of her most recent work and there is a lot of good critique about her backlist.  Wait Until Midnight seemed to have a good number of positive reviews, so I wanted to give it a go.

Of course, I wasn't going to start reading it until a bit later since I had a tentative reading list with two other books I need to finish first... but I couldn't help myself.

Anyway, it's only chapter two, so I haven't formed an concrete opinions yet.  Again, I was just kind of tickled by the exchange above between our hero and heroine.  However, I am finding that I like Caroline Fordyce's eccentric behavior, what with her excitement over getting a visitor with a matter of "grave importance" baiting her curiosity.

Hopefully this book turns out to be interesting.  I'm finding this new foray into historical fiction kind of interesting, and I DO find Amanda Quick's (a.k.a. Jayne Castle, Jayne Ann Krentz) writing style likable.

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