A Vision of Fire - Jeff Rovin, Gillian Anderson

It's not a bad start, so far, although I can't help seeing some X-files parallels in the story's premise.  Of course, being that the X-files had covered almost anything paranormal you could think of, that's an unfair comparison, because almost any action or crime thriller with a paranormal basis could be said to parallel an X-file episode.


It just so happens that the idea is stuck in my head thanks to the author being Gillian Anderson.  And to be honest, her name in large print on the book cover was what caught my attention first--as was probably the marketing strategy for A Vision of Fire.  We all want to know how well Gillian handles authoring a book, and whether we can separate out the fact that she's a well-known, excellent actor, because, honestly, I'd like to give her a chance if she's also found a passion in writing.


I know she had requested the chance to write one of the X-files episodes, though I don't remember which one.


As for her co-writing with Jeff Rovin... I have no idea who Jeff Rovin is and I'm not sure if it's because I don't read very many books in the genre he writes in?  The "About the Author" blurb mentions that he's written over 130 works, including ghostwriting for such authors as Tom Clancy.  I'm familiar with Tom Clancy, even if I've never read any of his books--my brothers played a lot of computer games based on some of his works.  /shrugs



Anyway, so far A Visions of Fire is giving some promising potential.  Although, like I said, I can't quite separate out the similarities between this book and any other paranormal, government conspiracy crime thriller out there.  Aside from having Gillian's name on the front cover, the book isn't really standing out yet.


Of course, with only one chapter into the book, it's still too early to tell.  Crossing my fingers for an enjoyable, page-turning read!