Unexpected Gifts - Elena Aitken

I'm not a Scrooge, but I also don't often celebrate much in terms of holidays either.


Even so, I decided that I'd start the Christmas season today by jumping into a short Christmas read to gear up those holiday feels and cheers.


Unexpected Gifts is an Amazon Kindle freebie I stumbled across (though I can't remember HOW I stumbled across it).  It sounded cute and has some good, positive reviews, so I went ahead and added it to my library and then started reading a bit of it tonight right before dinner.


I will probably have it completed by the time I get off work tomorrow morning since it's a rather short novella length book.  And while it's so far proving to be a typical contemporary romance fluff piece, I'm simply reading it for the light-hearted, warm tinglies you get when you think about Christmas and holiday and stuff.


Anyway, I may or may not read a few more Christmas themed books in the coming month.  I've got two other Amazon Kindle freebies that are Christmas themed and sounded cute.


Hope everyone's having a great holiday season so far, from Thanksgiving into Christmas!



I also wanted to take this moment to give my Thanks to the bookish community here (though I'm a little late for Thanksgiving) for letting me be a part of such a wonderful group of individuals.  I've enjoyed following everyone's blogs, reading reviews and posts and, in general, getting to know everyone... even though I don't often comment.


Thanks for sharing all of your thoughts and also thank you for reading and commenting on mine as well.  It feels good to know that there is a community of people who love reading as much as I do and like reading about what I have to say about books--I don't have as many bookish friends in Real Life and I often find myself wanting to explode with excitement over book releases, book events, book characters, and book plots, but no one around me actually understand my excitement or my rants.


I feel like the above book title is fitting, since I never expected to become a part of any kind of bookish/blogging community when I first started posting reviews on GR--I've never been a very social person in Real Life and had only thought to share my thoughts on various books and then move on.  Then I came here to BL, started following random bloggers, and the rest is history.


So thank you all for being here and making me feel welcome in this community!