Shadowlark - Meagan Spooner Fear the Dark (A Bishop/SCU Novel) - Kay Hooper Walk on Earth a Stranger - Rae Carson

I'm not actually trying to read all the books on my TBR this time.  It's more like I'm feeling a slight empty void after finishing Winter and somehow decided to start reading three more books.



Obviously, "needing time to recover," means reading everything I can get my hands on so that I can somehow figure out if I'm going to be regaining those good FEELS I had gotten when I was reading Winter--especially towards the end of Winter.


Again, logic does not become me, apparently.


At least the books are enjoyable so far, so maybe I can get over this short Book Hangover quickly.  After all, I really should be jumping back into Career of Evil of which I'd been anticipating reading for so long.


But Shadowlark is actually starting out kind of exciting, Fear the Dark has that nicely creepy vibe of a paranormal mystery that I'm already intrigued with, and Walk on Earth a Stranger has promise even if I didn't quite get into it with the first chapter.


I'm starting to get an itching to crawl back into my Reading Cave and stay there forever.