Another of Ani's Bookish First World Problems...



Okay, so these aren't all the books that are on my most recent TBR, but they are two books that wormed their way onto my currently chaotic TBR.  Between two books that just pinged on my library holds as well as my Reading Assignment Challenge books and also one other book release this month that I really, really, really want to read, my TBR for October was already quite full...


Then Career of Evil pinged on my library hold request last week while I was in the middle of two other books.  And then I finished those two other books and realized that I needed to be gearing up for the release of Winter... 


And then I don't know where else I'm going with this rambling, but basically:  I wanted to read both books, I didn't know which one to start first, I decided just to start both and see where that leads me.


I could have just read Winter and then gone on to read Career of Evil, but I just checked my e-book library page and realized that I'm holding up a waiting list of 7 other patrons who would also like to check this book out... and I suddenly feel kind of bad for that so I want to get this book read.  Also, I don't want to be put back on the hold list while it just seems to be getting longer.


And also, with an intro like this:


Robin laid her oblong package on the desk, took off her coat and hung it, with her bag, on a peg behind the door, turned on the light, filled and switched on the kettle, then reached for the sharp letter-opener on her desk.  Remembering Matthew's flat refusal to believe that it had been flanker Jacques Burger's curly mane she had been admiring, rather than Strike's short and frankly pube-like hair, she made an angry stab to the end of the package, slit it open and pulled the box apart.


A woman's severed leg had been crammed sideways in the box, the toes of the foot bent back to fit.


I'm inclined to continue reading this book to the end without having to take a long hold break due to a long waiting list.


Just sayin'.


As for why I couldn't wait to read Winter at a later time... I just couldn't.


The other books I'm dying to get my hands on and start reading right now:



Yeah... why haven't I started these yet?  One of them is sitting on my shelf that I picked up from the library last week.  The other, I'm planning on purchasing anyway since I already have the first two books in the trilogy.