Because I have no self-control.



And while I was spending money anyway...




There seems to be this new fad with what people are calling "Adult Coloring Books"... which, when I first heard the term, made me raise my brows a little bit since those words kind of suggest something a little... kinkier?  But then my friend was showing me a section of artsy coloring books and calling them Adult Coloring Books and I was like: "Oh..."


So while we were at the bookstore today, my other best friend mentioned them and I took a glance.  I've never been big on coloring books myself, even when I was younger, but since I usually end up throwing money away for random bookmarks, I figured it would be fun to buy a set of bookmarks and give it a go.



And then, while I was at it:  A little something for one of my best friends who is in love with The Nightmare Before Christmas.