Story's End - Marissa Burt

Story's End -- Marissa Burt

Book 2 (final) of Storybound



I really don't do this book any justice by not remembering much about the first book, Storybound (I read it sometime back in 2012). I DO recall, however, mentioning it to a friend once and saying something like: "It wasn't a bad book, but it felt really flat and unexciting."

In a way, Story's End also felt the same way. There were no Feels. And while there was a really decent progression and great writing and narration, the entire thing just felt detached. And even kind of rushed. The build-up to the climactic ending battle didn't draw me in. None of it really drew me in.

But the characters were great, even if only on paper because they didn't feel alive either. I had trouble relating with the characters, and while I've never been one to love too much angst, the main character, Una Fairchild's secret back history and subsequent discovery of her secret birth would have merited at least a little bit of angst. But that didn't happen and we merrily breeze our way through the book as we roll closer to the ending.

Also, I don't remember who the character Snow is, but she ended up getting quite tiresome and annoying. Otherwise, the other characters were okay, I guess.

Nonetheless, Story's End makes a fairly good conclusion to a well-thought-out duology, and if I knew how to appreciate it better, then maybe I could have liked it a bit more.





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