Ink and Bone: The Great Library - Rachel Caine

Setting aside the really pretty cover and the beautiful writing... I'm getting an "Uh oh" feeling about this book after skimming its Goodreads page and seeing mostly 4 and 5 Star ratings.  I'm worried I might be an outlier or the black sheep or something.


I've only read the prologue so far, so I'm hoping I can get into this one once the story gets going, because as of this point, I'm not even quite sure I follow what's taking place and where the book is trying to lead or even what kind of story is being conveyed.


When I first saw promotions of this book it had pitched a Harry Potter meets The Book Thief meets Fahrenheit 451...  Those are mighty big shoes to fill; and pitches like that usually make a lot of people wary and could potentially be harmful to said book if it falls short...


Just sayin'.  


I'm not feeling the book yet and I'm really hoping that things pick up within the next few chapters.  You can sense some of the urgency and excitement, but it doesn't help if I don't even understand why we're in such an urgent or excited state.