Dracula - Bram Stoker, Tim Curry, Alan Cumming, Simon Vance

This is the actual Audible book cover for this audio book version of Dracula:

You know... in case anyone was wondering.



I had forgotten that I was saving this audio book for October.  This is the Tim Curry, Alan Cumming, and full cast Audible version, which also Whispersyncs with the Kindle book.  I became interested a while back and on a whim, went ahead and added both to my library.


I read Dracula a long time ago when I was in the sixth grade for a book report and presentation.  I never actually finished the book (or if I had, I don't remember it), because I had to rush through the end of the darn thing and then slap together a last minute report.  To this day, I still don't remember why I ran out of time so quickly, AND I'm not entirely certain how I managed to write a full book report without even having finished it.


Yeah.  I know... blasphemy... or some such equivalent of book taboo stuff.


So I have always wanted to reread Dracula, because while I never finished reading it, I did get to the last few chapters and I recall really liking it a lot.


I'm hoping I'll have the same experience this time around, listening to the audio book version, and maybe following along with the print or Kindle version.  I also own a large leather bound tome (or so it looks like a classic, fancy leather bound tome, courtesy of Borders Classics), that has three classic horror novels, Dracula being one of them.


I often don't like rereads, because I hate to ruin that nostalgic memory of having loved the book with giddy glee only to realize it wasn't really all that great--but this has really only happened to be twice in my life.  The stats are bad though, because I don't often reread books (or listen to audio book versions of books I've already read).