Again, I really wish I'd had more time to read more books for this Readathon.  When I first signed up, I had lined up several other books I had hoped I'd be able to read, including some short stories to kind of balance things out.


Considering that, however, I still feel like I've made some good progress, even if not as much as I'd have liked.  


My longest reading streak would have been approximately 3 hours.  In the mean time, I had managed to snatch five to ten minutes two other times, then about an hour before I passed out the first time... and yet another hour of reading before I fell asleep the second time.



  • Books Completed:

Hostage by Kay Hooper -- only had 88 pages left to read

Her Secret Agent by Paige Tyler -- 95 page novella, completed



  • Book Started:

Haunted by Kay Hooper -- read up to 170 pages (approx. 57%) of 300 total pages





If anything I had truly hoped to finish reading Haunted, but I passed out a couple times.  Really, if it were any other day, I would have just breezed right through it, much like I had been until I remembered to check the time and see where we were at on the whole Readathon thing.


I had also hoped to finish reading Deep in the Valley by Robyn Carr, if only because I'd started reading it sometime last week, had been putting it off, and because it's an e-book I borrowed and is due sometime today.  I will have to check it out again if I want to finish it sometime soon, but as it is, another person has it requested, so I have to wait until it's available again.


Anyway... I still feel a sense of accomplishment, and a sense of something good just having attempted to participate in this readathon.  Pending work schedule and all that jazz, I may try to participate in the next one.


Until then, I'm going to find some time in the near future to make a personal Me Day for reading and relaxing and doing my bookish stuff.  In fact, I might even try my hand at a personal 24 hour readathon... or something to that effect... just to see how well I would actually hold up if I made myself try to read for 24 hours.




Hope everyone else had fun!  And a much more fulfilling readathon than I feel like I did.  I'll just have to try again next time.