So according to my calculations, I am into Hour 18 now, which is officially past midnight where I'm at.  I had hoped to get home in time to do an Hour 12, halftime post, but that didn't happen... not that I had much to show for it except for the few pictures my mom took at Top Golf, a belly full of dim sum for brunch, and a whole lot of driving.


But I DID manage to finish one of my books, even if it's a book I'd been reading.



  I'm officially finished reading Hostage, all 88 pages I had left of a 300 page book.  While not very impressive, I still feel like I've accomplished something...



  I started reading Her Secret Agent and got about 1% into it before we were moving around again.  Then came home and thought to finish reading it before my midnight hour rolled around so I could blog about a second finished book... then promptly fell asleep whilst lying in bed and reading.  I am actually on the last chapter of this short novella and probably would have finished it if I hadn't passed out.


It's an e-book with a lot of extras in the back, so if I had to guesstimate, I'd say that I've read about 75 pages or so (based on some rough calculation) out of a 95 page novella (79% read).


  I also started reading Haunted, though I'm only as far as the prologue; then I remembered I'd started reading Her Secret Agent and wanted to get back to that one first before diving into this one.


Thus far, I am 5 pages into this 296 page book.  I'm hoping to have it finished by the end of the readathon day, but there is the possibility I'll pass out again.




It's been a long day for everyone and I've scrolled through some of the updates to see that everyone else posting on Booklikes who are participating are making a lot of reading progress.  Yay for all!


On a side note, I've got a glass of chocolate milk, a piece of creme brulee cheesecake, a bottle of water, and a nice little determination to make up for the past few hours I couldn't read anything.  So now I'm really just playing catch-up.


Happy reading to everyone participating, and let's all try to get through these last few hours if you're determined to trudge onward!


Let's do this...