So here's the starting Readathon stack today.  Since I'll likely be moving around a lot and not have access to my computer for a while, this post will have to serve until the late evening (CST) when I have access to my computer.


Right now, I'm patiently making do with my phone... and it's not so fun, so I'd rather not try writing more update posts until I have access to my computer again.


I have finished listening to The Copper Bracelet, so it's been dropped from my Readathon list.  Go for ever-changing reading lists!



I'm almost finished with Hostage, so will be starting it today at page 212, approximately 78% into the book.  


Then I will likely be reading either of my three pre-chosen e-books:  Deep in the Valley, Her Secret Agent, or Story's End.


Happy Reading to everyone participating!  Have fun and Go Team!  :-D