Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon


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I have always entertained the idea of participating in a Readathon ever since the first time I saw someone blog about it.  But I wanted to get the full experience rather than just a few hours--with work and sleep, that only really left me approximately 8 to 10 hours to participate, if even that.


This year, October 17 landed on a weekend I had off from work and so, on a whim, I chose to sign-up.  Unfortunately, all intentions of bookish planning went out the window when more family related activities decided to surface.  And it's hard not to be considered rude and strange if you tell your family that you'd rather spend all day hiding in your room reading.


So I'm going to just try to catch some reading during moments that I can:  during the morning before family activities begin, during any random times when I'm just sitting around reading, and especially at night when all is said and done and I have the entire rest of the night up until 7:00 A.M. -- according to the timeline I found at Dewey's FAQs, my time zone lands me at starting my Readathon day at 7:00 A.M. Saturday morning.


In this case, I will try to make updates as I can, but more than likely, I'll just summarize my day in a full wrap-up post at 24 hours.



Readathon Hopefuls


  • Paperback/ Hardcover

Hostage (Bishop/SCU #14; Haven #2) by Kay Hooper

Haunted (Bishop/SCU #15; Haven #3) by Kay Hooper

Slow Burn (Buchana-Renard-McKenna #5) by Julie Garwood


For those moments when you need a good book to hold.



  • E-book/ Digital/ Web/ Scribd

Deep in the Valley (Grace Valley trilogy #1) by Robyn Carr

Her Secret Agent (X-Ops #0.5) novella by Paige Tyler

Story's End (Storybound #2) by Marissa Burt


For those odd, random moments when you just need to flip out your phone and read something.



  • Audio/ Audible

The Copper Bracelet (Harold Middleton #2) -- collaboration by various authors

-- story conception by Jeffery Deaver


For that "Just because I want to listen to a book" moment.



My Goals... sort of

In reality, I will probably only be able to read one whole book and maybe start reading another.


I would like to be able to read two books, but that will probably only happen if I'm lucky.


That being said, there is a big possibility I will end up starting a bunch of books and not being able to finish them all before Hour 24--I'm going to expect that to happen and not stress over it.


Five of the books I've listed above are full-length novels, two of which I have already started reading.  If I can finish reading Hostage before Saturday (which is sort of my goal) then I can jump into starting Haunted before Saturday as well, and make a goal of having it complete by the time Hour 24 rolls around.  If not, then Hostage remains on my list and my goal will be to finish Hostage and Haunted.  I know I won't have Deep in the Valley completed before Saturday, so it will make a good e-book for those random moments when I can't just drag a clunky hardcover out of my bag.


I'm already listening to The Copper Bracelet and hopefully will be able to make time to listen to a little bit of it during the day.


Otherwise, the rest of the books really ARE just hopeful reads.  I would like to be able to start reading Slow Burn, however unrealistic my goals are.  Her Perfect Agent is a novella with a page count of approximately 95 pages, and maybe I can read some of that as well.  Story's End is just there in case I feel like switching things up and reading something young adult/middle grade/fantasy in my sea of romantic suspense/romance books.



Here's hoping my day turns out more bookishly than I'm anticipating.


Happy Readathon to anyone else who's participating!  Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!