October 17 is the fall 24 hour read-a-thon! I don't think that this event has really had much of a presence on booklikes, although I know that I'm not the only one over here who enjoys participating!


What is the read-a-thon? Well, it's pretty simple. You read. For 24 hours straight, or as much of it as you can manage. I've never, personally, managed to clear my decks for 24 hours, but this just might be the time that I accomplish it.


The history of the read-a-thon is pretty awesome, actually. It was started by a blogger who blogged under the name Dewey. Legend has it that Dewey started it because she got the idea from an event that her husband and son enjoyed - the 24-hour comics day. Dewey passed away in 2008, long before I started blogging, but the event has endured. It has expanded to a twice yearly thing - spring and fall.


Many accoutrements have been added to the read-a-thon as it has grown. On twitter, there are cheering teams, to keep the readers reading (you can sign up for the event, and ask for cheering here). On goodreads, there is a group with threads, to check in with other readers (link here). Bloggers host mini-challenges, which will be linked on the main blog.


I'll be on twitter, and here, as well, on booklikes. I'm PST, so my start time is 5:00 a.m., and I'm going to try for the first time to get up and sign in on time!  London is the zero hour, where they start at midnight and go to the following midnight. I'm planning some posts leading up to the read-a-thon, to talk about food & drink, comfortable reading locations in my house, and the stack of books, both kindle and print, that I plan to enjoying.


So, mark your calendars, booklikers! And let's read. And then read some more. And maybe eat a few snacks, and then read some more, and listen to some books, and maybe watch an adaptation and just indulge ourselves for 24 hours. Straight. 


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