Not that stuff in Real Life-landia is unimportant or anything...  but they are settling down now and I can return to my self-instated blogging obligations.  But seriously, a lot of events have been going on lately, so I chose to drop a little bit of blogging in favor of spending time with relatives from out of town, lending a hand at organizing my brother's engagement party, and... really just procrastinating during spare moments.


I feel like I'd fallen off the grid, but in reality, I've still been fairly active, interwebz-wise: updating some reading progresses, commenting on posts, skimming my BookLikes news feed, and sitting around spending too much time trying to allocate my blogging/reading "schedule" during spare moments.  I use the term "schedule" loosely only because we all know that there's no such thing and I usually end up doing whatever strikes my mood anyway.  Sometimes I need to reel myself back in when I realize I spend more time than necessary planning my reading and blogging "To Do" lists--it gets a little out of hand.


For the past month or so, I've pretty much just chosen to forego writing reviews in favor of reading more books and sleeping more amidst all the in Real Life events going on, though.


So anyway... now I can get around to writing or rewriting or editing rough drafts of reviews or brainstormed notes for reviews and stuff like that.


... and other Bookish activities that make us happy.