Uprooted - Naomi Novik

"You shouldn't have said miko there."


"You did!" he snapped.


I shrugged helplessly:  I didn't doubt that I had, though to be perfectly honest I didn't remember.  But it hadn't been an important thing to remember.  "It was all right when I did it," I said, "but when you did it, it was wrong.  As though--you were following a trail, but a tree had fallen down in the meantime, or some hedge grew up, and you insisted on continuing on anyway, instead of going around it--"


"There are no hedges!" he roared.


"It comes, I suppose," I said thoughtfully, speaking to the air, "of spending too much time alone indoors, and forgetting that living things don't always stay where you put them."


He ordered me from the room in stiff fury.



I love the shift of power in their relationship-non-relationship and how it's starting to develop.  Before, Dragon was this intimidating, all-powerful wizard who Agniezka tried so hard to avoid and tried so hard not to upset or anger.  But now that it seems like Agniezka might have some sort of power after all, even if her magic isn't as straight forward or as logical as Dragon would like it to be, she seems to have noticed that they're becoming closer to equals than he probably would like.


She's less intimidated by him and it seems like she even finds his need for straight-forward logic kind of amusing.  Agniezka is no longer being the quiet, scared and mousy girl who couldn't figure out why she was the one taken in the first place.  I love how her backbone just snapped right into place once she realized that she could perform magic and might have an affinity towards healing.  I just love how everything she does makes him tick, even when she's not doing anything wrong.


I love this new dynamic!  And I love how her descriptions of how she performs her magic kind of wanders in a strange, flighty imagery of living nature.  It's interesting.