Uprooted - Naomi Novik

This book has been lurking on my feeds via many reviewers and friends I follow in the reading community lately.  The general consensus seems to be very much positive with exclamations of surprising "Wow"s.


And so I felt compelled to jump on the Uprooted bandwagon (I requested a hold on the book from the library and got it pretty quickly), even though I've never read a book by Naomi Novik before, though I've heard good things about her fantasy novels.  Maybe I'll even end up jumping on the rest of her books after this because I truly am excited and interested in read the rest of this book.


For one, fairy tale retellings are some of my favorite types of books, even if Beauty and the Beast isn't my favorite fairy tale.  I've read a select few Beauty and the Beast retellings which I have loved, so I'm hoping that this one delivers just the same.


Secondly, just from the first chapter alone I'm already enchanted by the writing and that somewhat magical feel to the story telling.  


And Agniezka... I'm slightly taken aback by her rumpled and incompetent nature at this point, but it all comes across so realistic that she's not that "special" girl who was supposed to be the "chosen one" offered to the Dragon that I'm intrigued to see how her development will come about.  Although I am already loving that she's giving Dragon a surprising startle each time they encounter each other, which, in some way, already makes her that "one special girl" who is definitely destined to be the main female character of this story after all.