Secrets of the Dead (The Mindhunters Book 7) - Kylie Brant, Mary-Theresa Hussey

"Sorry about that."  He jammed his free hand through his hair.  "But I didn't expect... that is... dammit.  This probably isn't a great idea.  I mean... I'm sure lots of guys would find you attractive.  In a pint-size high school cheerleader type of way.  But with the two of us working together... not smart.  Sex clouds the senses.  I think we can both agree that we need to keep our wits during this thing."


Eve gaped at him, her mind sorting through the carelessly offensive remarks.  Somehow, coming upon her uncomfortable earlier musings about him, high school cheerleader seemed the most insulting.  "I know sixty-seven different ways to call you a jackass."  She slapped the now wrinkled sheet of paper against his bare chest, tempted to pin it there with her knife.  "None of them do you justice."


"What's this?"  He smoothed it out, squinting at it in the shadows.


"The reason I came in here.  That, and my overpowering and yes--thanks for the clarification--unrequited state of lust." 




He went silent and a part of Eve was gratified by the pained expression on his face.  "Ah... I'm going to blame that on a brain muddled by sleep fog.


As apologies went, his didn't go far enough.


[...] the man had, in the space of a second held her immobilized with a gun to her temple.  Had outraged her with his awkward refusal of a sexual encounter she hadn't even offered.


Oh, just leave it to our broody alphas to think that everything will eventually lead to sex.  Granted, Eve had been admiring him, but she had other more important priorities in mind than sneaking into his bed to seduce him.  Nonetheless, this scene at the end of chapter three was so much fun that I couldn't stop grinning.


Very much enjoying the newest Mindhunters installment and I love the premise just the same.  Eve is a hyper-polyglot, which is apparently someone who is really good with languages.  She speaks sixty-seven different languages, including dialects and can read and write in about fifty of them.  She's also really good at looking out for herself, as proven by how quickly Declan dismisses her small, petite stature as being weak and in need of protecting, but then she pulls a knife on her attackers without batting an eye.  And she's smart enough to use this particular trait to her advantage, able to handle any weapon and think on her feet upon an attempted kidnapping.


As far as story and romance goes, if our couple is going to have this kind of awkward chemistry to start, I can't wait to see what kind of combustible chemistry they can have when Declan decides that Eve is his type of girl.  He's dismissing her now as too small and too young looking to even draw his attention, but we'll see where this leads.  Especially since the two have to pretend to be married to accomplish their big mission.


And Eve... so far, I'm loving how nonchalant and no-nonsense she is.  I also like that she just kind of lets people assume things about her without saying anything, thus effectively keeping all of her personal information and secrets intact, then using her quietly acquired knowledge to her advantage when the times necessitates.


This will be SO MUCH FUN!