The Darkest Hour - Maya Banks No Place to Run - Maya Banks Hidden Away - Maya Banks Killing Time - Cindy Gerard

I am in the middle of trying to read two YA fantasy books (Rook, An Ember in the Ashes), but then decided to go on a nice little mini Romantic Suspense Binge and it was kind of nice.  I thoroughly enjoyed Maya Banks' first three KGI books (review coming soon), and then hung in limbo for a couple hours trying to decide what to do for the rest of my last night off for this long weekend.


So then I glanced at my bookshelf (my Real Life physical bookshelf settled next to my desk), pointed at a book and said, "Okay, it's time."  Then I proceeded to devour all of Cindy Gerard's first One-Eyed Jacks book, asked myself why I waited so long to read it ('cause it was all kinds of Cindy Gerard fabulous!), and decided that the whole "Binge Reading Romantic Suspense" thing felt pretty damn good.  (A review will also be coming soon for Killing Time.)


I should do it more often.  Long weekends are hard to come by though, and technically I was booked for the first two of my four days off for family activities, so now I'm imagining all the binge reading I could do if I truly had a four-day long weekend doing absolutely NOTHING, but reading.


THAT would truly be the life!


Tonight, it's back to work, back to reality.  /sigh