Rook - Sharon Cameron

I'm not sure this is going too well.  But it might have been exhaustion or something else.  Right before going to sleep, I decided to start reading Rook, one of the seven books I checked out on a library binge... and ended up having to reread the first scene four times.  Something just doesn't feel right, for one, and second, I'm still not sure I know what exactly happened.


I will admit that the story feels like it's smoothing at at the end of the chapter though, so I'll keep my critiques to myself until I've gotten further in.


Still...  I've just got a bad feeling about this.  The last time I had to reread the beginning of a book several times (it was Libba Bray's A Great and Terrible Beauty), I ended up setting the book aside for over a year before coming back to it and just powering through.  But it gave me a bad after taste and made me extra wary of the rest of her books and series (which might explain why I still haven't finished The Diviners, even though I read half the book about a year and a half ago... which I had also had to reread the first few chapters three times for one reason or another).


It's an interesting premise that Rook has, so I'm hoping things will pick up soon.  Maybe I'm just too used to diving right into the action with all the Romantic Suspense I've been reading.