I just read some news on Facebook that made me go "Boooo.....", but at the same time had me a little relieved.


See Maggie Stiefvater's Facebook page for an update on The Raven King:



You can click on the photo above or the link above to go to her news update.  And while I'm a little disappointed that the publication date has been pushed back to the end of February 2016 (That's ten months from now!), I have this feeling of relief that we won't be closing in on The Raven Cycle era too soon.  I'm still basking in this hype and trying to convince myself that Maggie won't do terrible things to Gansey and maybe decide to let him have a happily ever after, even when all plot points are saying otherwise.


Also, I dread the moment when I fly through The Raven King, finish it, and then drown in the empty void of FEELS of knowing it's the last book and there will be no more Gansey, or Blue, or Noah, or Ronin, or Adam.


Also, as others have pointed out, I'd rather have an excellent product a little bit later than get just a simple good product too soon.


Maggie is an excellent writer and manages to slip a lot of ingenious, thought provoking quips into her stories that can be easily missed if you're not paying attention.  At the same time, you always catch something new when you're skimming through the book and rereading certain scenes.


So I'm willing to wait out the extra few months to get another magical Maggie Stiefvater novel if it means I'll have something to fall in love with one more time.


Also, on a side note, if it's any indication that Maggie is an excellent writer with an interesting penchant for nonsensical, amusing one-liners and a great sense of humor, I enjoyed her news update post and had fun just reading THAT!


I can't wait to see what she has in store for us with the last Raven Cycle book.  But I will wait if only because it'll make the moment so much more pleasurable when the book finally comes out.