Inherit Midnight - Kate Kae Myers

I think I'm going to like this book.  Only ten chapters in and I'm already hooked.  There's so much forward progress and so much potential for all the directions this plot can move in.


At first I thought Avery felt and sounded like just another rich, spoiled, entitled brat.  But as you continue to follow her narration, seeing her flashbacks, and learning about her determination, what drives her, her back history, and even seeing a lot of that spunk she's got beginning to surface, I'm starting to like her.


The Inheritance games that Justine VanDemere will be beginning now and the entire concept is quite interesting.  Complete several challenges in order to prove yourself worthy of inheriting VanDemere Enterprises.  I'm more curious to see what types of challenges will be taking place since the old woman puts so much stock in family history.


Ready to dive into the rest of the book right now!  If only I didn't have to be at work tonight, I would totally just breeze right through the book.  Inherit Midnight has the feels for an extremely fun adventure with puzzle solving excitement.