Frostfire - Amanda Hocking

There is an out-of-place Cinderella comparison (two, actually) that doesn't seem to work, and a brief declaration of love by a girl who has "never been interested in boys".  Thankfully, it seems that this love won't really last since it was supposedly "just a crush" two paragraphs ago before it become love.


There's also the issue of the guy trying to kill her father.  I'd say that's a definite mood killer in any potential relationship.

And also, I'm a little fuzzy on the setting and what type of genre we're trying to be here. There are allusions to a blending of high fantasy, a hidden supernatural world, and modern society.  There is royalty and the majority of the characters and things mentioned are definitely high fantasy... but then we throw in the two Cinderella references, and mention movies and music and celebrities and rockstars...


So now I'm already confused.

This worries me a little bit.  This is the first 2015 book I'm reading and I was at least hoping it'd be good.


Crossing my fingers with some more hope.  The abundance of high fantasy material being presented gives me hope.  The mentions of rockstars kind of niggles at some alarm bells.


And the fact is, I have a feeling romance will play a very big part in this story despite the fact that there seem to be other more pressing matters at hand.