The Little Android - Marissa Meyer

The Little Android -- Marissa Meyer

Novella/Short Story of Lunar Chronicles series

2014 Release -- Online Free Read @ Wattpad

Young Adult, Science Fiction, Romance

Based on The Little Mermaid


**This short is part of the Lunar Chronicles universe, but can be read as a standalone story.



Bittersweet and angsty and quite heartfelt.

The Little Android is based on The Little Mermaid with Marissa Meyer's own twist to it. I tend to get a bit impatient with novellas, but this one had captured my full attention, which doesn't often happen unless I'm a hundred percent in love with the series' world and characters. While the Lunar Chronicles series is a creative and excellently developed one, I can't say I'm fully in love with the entire series so far even if I DO really, really like it.

This novella was definitely a lovely retelling and got some of my heartstrings tugged in the right directions.

Thoughts: Definitely my favorite novella of this series, and possibly one of my more favorite novellas ever read.