Princess of Thorns - Stacey Jay

Well, my excitement was over-hyped and I've probably been spewing exclamation points like so (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) all night knowing that I can now purchase and read this book.


Then I finally calmed down.


While the beginning was a little confusing, I really am quite enjoying this book so far.  Princess Aurora is quite the handful and already wreaking havoc on her journey, disguised as a boy to find an army to reclaim her throne and save her little brother.  The fact that she uses a mistaken identity of Prince Niklaas thinking she is her little brother Jor makes hooks the cross-dressing vice right where it needs to be.


I am SO looking forward to finishing the rest of this book.


Except... I don't know how I like switching first person POVs.  I really don't care for them (I barely like single first person POV).  We'll see how this turns out though.