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This is a pretty straight forward list, though I'm afraid I actually have fewer selections to choose from than I thought I'd have.  I usually use star-shaped post-its to hang on my desk as a reminder of book releases for books I'm looking forward to reading.  Unfortunately, there aren't very many yet, and not all of the books I post-it are exactly those "edge of my seat, desperately need this now" books--well, not all of them are, but there are one or two.


My reading list this year has been focused more on books I already own and books readily available from the library... etc.... that I have easy access to obtaining.  My reading list has also been more focused on reading fully completed series wherein I have little waiting to do for the next book.


So over the year, upon seeing a 2015 release that looks interesting, I simply file it away for later and come back to it, either by the end of the year (usually mid-December), or start looking into it at the beginning of the year.


So this is just a tentative list of books that I'm really looking forward to reading, that have caught my eye, or just made me squeal in excitement (Yes, the first book on this list).


(And... there are some duplicates here from the previous lists too since, as vast as my reading list is, only certain specific books keep standing out for me.)



Top Ten Books I am Looking Forward to in 2015




1.  the 4th and final book of The Raven Cycle quartet

-- Written by Maggie Stiefvater

There is no need to talk about this series or this book any more as I've already mentioned over and over again how much I love it... repeatedly.  And so there is no doubt that I'm looking forward to the conclusion of The Raven Cycle... while at the same time I am in fear of how the story will finally end.


The ending of The Raven Cycle quartet promises to be heartbreaking... of that much I am certain.



2.  Suddenly One Summer

-- Written by Julie James

Julie James' newest book will feature the snarky investigative reporter introduces from Love Irreisistibly.  Ford Dixon was Love Irresistibly Brooke Parker's best friend, proven to be simply a platonic relationship bordering on a sibling-likeness, but a bit more intimate.  I particularly loved that we could get a platonic relationship portrayed between a man and a woman at that level of closeness without romance even being an issue whatsoever.  It was great.


I already like Ford.  So I'm definitely looking forward to more of James' subtle wit and sarcasm as well as how she will feature her newest main female character--typically the strong and independent type.  I'm not excited that James has taken up a repetitively formulaic Contemporary outline for her stories, but at least I'll never get enough of her characters and the humor embedded in all of her books.



3.  The Fill-In Boyfriend

-- Written by Kasie west

Kasie West's most recent book, On the Fence, is admittedly not her best work, in my opinion.  I never got around to reviewing it, but I definitely missed the typical Kasie West sarcasm and snarky humor she manages to portray whether or not her characters have that particular personality.  While I really liked it, On the Fence felt like it was missing something that made it less enjoyable than her previous works (the Pivot Point duology and The Distance Between Us).


However, one bad apple doesn't negate my love for her.  I'm still resigned to read anything she writes in hopes that the same Kasie West sarcasm and heart will return with her newest YA Contemporary.



4.  Six of Crows (Book 1 of The Dregs)

-- Written by Leigh Bardugo

Three words:  The Grisha Trilogy.  I know a lot of people had been disappointed with the concluding installment of Bardugo's debut series, but I honestly am very content with the way it ended, despite not being the epic-ness of epic epics I had been expecting.  Nonetheless, if anyone else has read and loved her Grisha Trilogy as much as I did, then there is no doubt as to why I am looking forward to her next book/series.




5.  the third and final book of The Elemental Trilogy

-- Written by Sherry Thomas

To be honest, I've only read The Burning Sky and have yet to read The Perilous Sea.  Nor have I read any other work by Sherry Thomas.  But sometimes it takes just that one book with characters you love and a potentially awesome story adventure as well as anticipated story progression that makes you look forward to what will come next.  The Burning Sky wasn't the best high fantasy nor YA read I've indulged in this year, but it definitely sat on my radar with Titus and Iolanthe as a great, powerful potential couple to make me want to see how life works out for them when the final hour approaches.




6.  Shadow Study (Book 1 of Soulfinders; Book 4 of Study series)

-- Written by Maria V. Snyder

Despite the fact that the Study series wasn't the best series in the world, and to be honest, the books felt repetitive in  story concept, I still managed to fall for the characters of this world as well as the subtle charm that Maria V. Snyder exudes in her work.  On top of that, Valek is one of few male characters in YA-land I have come to love (it was a slow developing love, but love nonetheless).  While I'm not in fangirl mode over the release of new Study series books, I am still looking forward to reading what Ms. Snyder will be presenting for us next.




7.  Illuminae (Book 1 of the Illuminae Files)

-- Written by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

I've read Stormdancer and enjoyed it.  But that's pretty much it from these authors.  However, this book/series just seems like the type of book/series with the type of author partnership that feels like it should merit a lot of epic epic-ness with ample amounts of nervous anticipation... and maybe some random squealing.




8.  Winter (Book 4, final, of the Lunar Chronicles)

-- Written by Marissa Meyer

I've been looking forward to this book ever since I read Cinder and learned of the concept for the four Lunar Chronicle books.  I've been purposely waiting out the years just so I can space out my readings of Scarlet, Cress, and Winter without suffering too much emotional cliffhanger waiting periods.  However, starting in January, let the countdown begin as I dive into the rest of the series to build up my hype of Winter's release.


I even went and reread (listened to?) Cinder as an audio book to reorient myself with the world and the story line to prepare for this coming year's dive into the Lunar Chronicle's reading.  Considering the fact that the reread didn't turn me off, I'm fairly sure I'll continue to enjoy the rest of the books.




9.  Shadow Scale (Book 2 of Seraphina)

-- Written by Rachel Hartman

My reasons were already stated in previous posts:  Here and here.




10.  Ensnared (Book 3, final, of Splintered)

-- Written by A.G. Howard

I'm looking forward to the conclusion of this trilogy... but then again, I'm kind of meh about it.  Splintered was a good book, but I hadn't expected a trilogy and was quite content with the way it ended.  Continuing installments seem unnecessary, but I'm curious enough to want to see how the series ends.


This selection really just rounds off my list as the tenth book I will be looking forward to in 2015.