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Yes, I skipped last week's Top Ten Tuesdays.  And it wasn't even because I didn't have any picks for Books I'd Like to Reread.  I had a brainstormed list and everything.  But a combination of laziness, Real Life, leisurely reading (I've finished a book every two days so far this month), and Other Things I'd Rather Be Doing managed to squeeze itself into my life for the week.


But here I am, back again with my continued attempt to participate in this online meme for the sake of feeling like I'm a productive blogger.  Laziness is always a factor when it comes to the reasons why I haven't posted anything for a while.






This week's Top Ten Tuesday is pretty self-explanatory as seen by the title of this post: Top Ten Characters You Wish Would Get Their Own Book


I assume that we're talking about beloved side-characters or even background characters who managed to capture your hearts to the point that you'd love to see them in their own story.  I've got tons of those and narrowing them down to just ten wasn't exactly easy... especially considering I had to physically cross several off a list with a flippant, "Well, he/she wasn't really that significant."


And then there are those characters that just work better as side characters anyway even though you wish they could have their own book, but they just work better as someone in the background.


Here's a warning, for anyone who's ever been in love with a series based in a world with lots of unique, lovable characters, it's hard not to choose more than one from that particular series alone.  In my case, it's the Harry Potter universe that seems to have the highest percentage claim on my list.


So let's start with them:


From the Harry Potter universe:




1.  Fred Weasley (or both twins)

Fred and George Weasley come as a single unit, I know, but I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Fred.  I don't know why since the two of them are equally fun, adorable, pranksters, the like...  But for some reason, given the choice, I'd choose Fred.  It's unfortunate about the incidents of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter fans know how the book ends, but I don't want to spoil for other people.  And, yes, I threw fits about it when it was announced; took me days to recover afterward.  He was my favorite Harry Potter character after all.), otherwise I would have loved to see a story written for Fred and his own adventures, with or without his beloved twin.





2.  Luna Lovegood

I had picked her as a character I'd love to be for Halloween, so it's only natural that she would also go on a list of characters I wish would have their own book, and for all the same reasons.  Luna's personality and strange knowledge has vast potential to become an interesting, entertaining book (series, even) and I would jump all over that one.





3.  Neville Longbottom

I'm sure a lot of us had always wondered what it would be like if Neville had been the hero of this tale.  Since it was only a twist of fate and a choice that stopped the series from being the Nevile Longbottom series, it'd be interesting to see an alternate universe version of this series starring this guy.  And if not, Neville is a strong character with vast character development, and I wouldn't mind seeing a Neville Longbottom, the Adult Years and Adventures, etc., etc....  You know... since the boy seemed to have filled out as an adult.  He grew up really well--I wouldn't mind there being a series written for Neville as an adult with a movie deal and the same actor.



I know I'm not the only one who thinks so.





4.  Lily Potter (nee Evans)

Before I stopped being hardcore obsessed with the Harry Potter universe (I'm still a big fan, but my obsession had to draw a line somewhere, finally), I had tried my hand at fanfiction, none of which was ever posted online or published 'cause I was never able to finish any of my stories.  I had this big ol' brainstorm of The Adventures of Lily Evans chronicling her seven years at Hogwarts in the same formatting as the Harry Potter books... then I realized I'd been taking too many elements from the Harry Potter books rather than coming up with something more original so I stopped.  I had even written a few contemporary/fantasy possible romantic comedy stories starring Lily Evans and James Potter during their teenage Hogwarts years that never got finished either.





5.  The Marauders

Along with Lily Evans fanfiction, I had also thought about writing some fanfiction involving James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew.  Aside from the Weasley twins, this legendary band of Hogwarts troublemakers was second in line of my favorites, with Remus being my ultimate favorite.  It'd be interesting to see a simple book written detailing some of their adventures when they were teenagers in school, especially since there's just so much potential with each of their extensive backgrounds and personal back-histories of tragedy and complicated family stuff.



Books NOT of the Harry Potter universe:



6.  Sam Wilkins from the FBI/U.S. Attorney series by Julie James

The best books to find fascinating side characters with a chance at stardom in their own book are those that are series stand-alones.  Each book details a different set of characters, even though everything takes place in the same world.


Sam Wilkins appears as the FBI partner to Jack Pallas in the first book of this series, Something About You, and then makes subsequent appearances throughout the series briefly.  He appears as a delightful Harvard graduate and "pretty boy" FBI agent in contrast to his partner, Jack, who was street trained and roguish in appearance.  You can always count on a witty quip or a cute one-liner from this guy whenever he appears, even if it's only for one sentence.


I've been saying that I'd love to see a book in this series that covers Sam Wilkins... although Julie James has been creating much more formulaic contemporaries for her last three books, so I'm conflicted about that.  Nonetheless, with her wit and penchant for great characters, I'd still read it.


Also, it's always good to have a multicultural selection of characters and having a person of color be front and center in a story would be a nice change.




7.  Liz Chin, ME from Deadly Dreams (Mindhunters series) by Kylie Brant

The Mindhunters series boasts a large collection of main characters and couplings that are instantly likable and intriguing to follow.  A few background characters recur as connected to the fictional Mindhunters organization created by Adam Raiker, but none of them actually stood out to me.


Liz Chin only appears in Deadly Dreams and was probably the first minor character I saw and thought, "Man, I like her.  She needs her own book."  She is the snippy, sarcastic and intelligent Medical Examiner in this book and her interactions with everyone goes to show that a petite and pretty little Asian woman should never be trifled with--aside from her small stature, she pretty much goes against every demure and exotic description attributed to most Asian women.  She's got a mouth on her and doesn't take kindly to anyone stepping into her territory or questioning her job.  My kind of girl.


When I saw this particular Top Ten Tuesday topic, despite not remembering her name, she was one of the first characters that came to mind as one who should have her own book.  If I weren't already in the adult world, I would want to grow up to be like or similar to Liz Chin.




8.  Selene from The Nightmare Affair (The Arkwell Academy) by Mindee Arnett

I couldn't find a full name for this girl, but Selene appears in The Nightmare Affair as Dusty's best friend and roommate.  From the little bits of info I remember piecing together about her (it has been over a year since I read the book, so I hope I'm not remembering her wrong, and if so, someone tell me), she's got an independent attitude and dissenting view about being born with the powers of a Siren.  In fact, despite having the powers to influence and lure men to her advantage, and despite being a beauty of her own right, she chooses to dress like a tomboy and remain indifferent about the boys in school.  She has her own conflicts about the fact that she's a Siren and

I have the distinct feeling that she's happy about the scar she obtained on her face by the end of the book.

(show spoiler)


I think she'd be an interesting character to follow through in her own book.


As I haven't read the second book yet, I don't know how much more extensive her appearance is in the rest of the series.




9.  Bonnie Knight from Out of the Shadows (Bishop/SCU series) by Kay Hooper

Bonnie is the younger sister of one of my favorite Bishop/SCU characters and having gotten a pretty good anecdote of her from Out of the Shadows, I'm interested in seeing her all grown up and taking on some of the same law enforcement challenges that her elder sister is a part of.  With the powers she exhibits during the book, she would be a pretty great asset in the long run of this non-traditional Special Crimes Unit as both a medium and a healer.  Including her as one of the main characters in a later Bishop/SCU books would definitely make me eager to finish the current books in the series just to get to it.



10.  Nagato Yuki from Haruhi Suzumiya series

Again, I chose Nagato Yuki for the same reasons I chose her as character I'd like to be for Halloween.  She's my favorite of the Haruhi Suzumiya characters with her stoic, blank-faced appearance and uber awesome aloof personality.  Of course, she already has a manga series created for her, but it's of the Nagato Yuki of the alternate universe created in The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya wherein she's just a regular blushing school girl rather than the data-crunching, behind-the-scenes controlling alien being.


So I want a book based on the Nagato Yuki I love.





There are so many other characters I'd like to see with a book of their own, but here we have the narrowed-down list to my top ten.