The Young Elites - Marie Lu

This book is good, but it feels slow going for me.  I'm not getting into it like I had expected considering all the great reviews I've seen.  I keep wondering now if I should have started with Marie Lu's Legend trilogy to get a feel for her writing style, but this book is not that book, so I didn't think it'd be a big deal.


I like the concept--it feels like semi-high fantasy-esque X-men or something, so I'm very interested in seeing how the entire story pans out.  Adelina is dark and extremely non-standard for a typical YA heroine, so there's THAT to be excited about.  I DO like her so far and I'm glad that there's more going on than we're expecting of her and that she's strong enough to know what she needs to do to survive, even if it means being manipulative, deceptive, or even bringing out the inner dark maliciousness in her.


The other characters aren't as clear cut, so I don't know what to think of them yet.


Hopefully things pick up soon, though I have the distinct feeling it might be the slow build-up and the switching POV narration that's not working for me.