Heat Wave - Richard Castle

Well I haven't seen Castle, but I've read the synopsis and some friends might have mentioned the series to me.  But the fact that this book is a tie-in with a TV series written by the fictional Richard Castle was enough to draw my curiosity.


I can't comment on the similarities to the series, but some reviewers are saying that the book reads like an episode of Castle presents.  I'm not surprised since the first chapter is quite fast paced and I'm slightly conflicted about the narration, not sure how I like it because it feels disjointed at some points.


The sarcasm and quips are quick and witty, so at least there will be THAT aspect to look forward to as well as some entertainment concerning the characters.  Since the book ties in with the series, I've got hopes that the crime thriller aspect will be done well.


At least for once I've got an easy imagery of what the characters are supposed to look like since, as some sources on the interwebz has pointed out that the characters are parallel to the main characters in Castle.


And now I'm kind of curious about the TV series... I do like Nathan Fillion...