Stolen Songbird  - Danielle L. Jensen

A lot of reviews gave praise to this book and i can see why.  It starts off exciting and while I'm slightly irked that the Prince of Trollus is described as "flawless" and "perfect" in appearance (cause, y'know, all the other YA heroes usually are and I was expecting to be surprised), there doesn't seem to be any insta-love here.  At least so far Cecile's mind is only on how she can escape from Trollus, which is common sense and natural human inclination after being kidnapped.


Anyway, I have to make myself put the book away so I can go to sleep, but given the chance I probably would have just kept right on reading.  I'm finding the story intriguing so far and I do like Cecile.  I find the arrogant Prince Tristan and bit irritating, but I'm sure that will change with time (as it always does in these stories).


My hopes are that Cecile remains strong with a back bone of steel as she continues to plan her escape.  I know that she and the prince are supposed to fall in love and whatnot, but it'd be a pity if she just started swooning whenever she sees him and forgets of her her own human dignity.


So we'll see where this story leads, but considering all the high rated reviews, I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.