This happened.  I was only planning on visiting the library to pick up the first three books, but my hands automatically grabbed more than what I had intended.  And in order to find one of the six books in Brenda Novak's The Last Stand series, I had to drive to a different library to do so... which I told myself I would do the next day.  But I just drove and the next thing I know, I've checked out all six books.


On top of the other books I'm still reading, I've got a full plate... as is always the case, it seems.


So we'll see how this works itself out, I guess.


I liked Brenda Novak's Stillwater trilogy, so I'm hoping I'll also enjoy these books as well.  I've included this series into my newest Reading Challenge:  2014 - 2016 Series Challenge, though I haven't updated the actual list yet.