The Morning After - Lisa Jackson

I actually quite enjoyed this one.  It was immensely better and less eye-roll-y than the first book, The Night Before, and far less over-the-top in the dramatics.


Sometimes, there's nothing like a suspenseful murder mystery to draw you in. And as much as the past few Lisa Jackson books have been a little too dramatic and over-the-top, The Morning After was pleasantly, surprisingly intriguing as well. It's not the best in its genre, but considering the recent Romantic Suspense novels I've been reading lately, I was a bit delighted to find that I got drawn in for all the right reasons.

With serial killings and a cat-and-mouse game being played with the police, the suspense in this story was amped up quite nicely. I can't say that I was completely enamored with the characters or the story itself, but I didn't feel bored or find myself becoming disinterested either. I only wish that, as a Romantic Suspense, the two genres had been a little bit more balanced. The romance doesn't even start up until half-way into the book, and even then it's not very credible considering the main couple spent the first half of the book hating each other's guts with no give. A fairly quick interaction and a little bit of lusting and fantasizing propelled the attraction, but I can't find it in me to buy the "deeper feelings" thing going on between Pierce Reed and Nikki Gilette--the first stages of attraction, lust and maybe dating, but then the word "love" is thrown in there and I find myself conveniently ignoring it.


As with the first book in this series, the case ties together in a sensible manner and the murderer's identity isn't a surprise to me, even if I didn't really see it coming until nearing the end.  A lot of characters seem to come off as playing key roles even if they are only mentioned in passing or show up for all of two paragraphs.


There's the obligatory "Damsel in Distress" scene as per Romantic Suspense checklists... though there is no obligatory sex scene even if there was a lot of graphic detail about other sexual acts and one wet dream.  I'm not sure what to make of that.

Conclusion: Another enjoyable, entertaining suspense-filled crime-thriller/murder mystery in a Romantic Suspense to pass away the night. Lisa Jackson may get a bit too soap opera dramatic with her writing sometimes, but she DOES have the suspense tact in her writing pegged.