Cry Wolf - Tami Hoag

Well, lookie here!  The book finally remembered that it's supposed to have a murder mystery.  


Maybe now that our couple have gotten past the sexual tension, we'll quit dancing around each other's elaborately emotional and conflicted monologues about wanting and can't having (or something like that) and cut back on the romantic angst a little bit to have a story?


There has just been too much going on in this book, with too much monologue, and too much description, and too much of... everything!  But at the same time, there has been absolutely NO story progression.  I don't even know what this book is about anymore aside from following a dysfunctional set of characters and their relationships with each other while the main couple lust after each other and continue to give one-sided monologues about how they want to sleep with each other, but they don't want to make things complicated, so let's try to stay away from each other, because we can't complicate a non-relationship that isn't there anymore than it already is complicated.  But well, Hey!  Let's fall into each other's arms reluctantly anyway and almost have sex, because that totally helps to NOT give the wrong impression that we actually want each other.  


Yes, the darker subject matter mentioned in the book is saddening and I'm not trying to rag on that.


But the fact still remains that a whole lot of nothing has happened within this first 50% of the book.  And it's frustrating.


This is my fourth Tami Hoag book.  If things don't get better, I might have to rearrange my reading lists and rewrite my Reading Challenge selections.  She's a good writer, but I think she might have gotten a little carried away in this one.  And I have a feeling she's better at simple Romance novels than she is at Romantic Suspense--the first book in this series, which is a Romance, plain and simple, is so far the better of these Doucet books... and probably because Remy Doucet didn't come off as a complete douche nozzle.  


Or maybe I'm just not picking the right books.


Hence the fact that I have started two new books and finished two others since I began reading this one.