The Night Before - Lisa Jackson

I’m not gonna lie.  I’m currently not really enjoying this book.


We start off with the murder of Josh Bandeaux, some hotshot rich dude in the city.  Then we cut to Caitlyn Montgomery Bandeaux, estranged wife, waking up in a carnage of blood and blood and lots more blood practically covering every inch of her bedroom, bath, and herself.


Honestly, this is dramatic enough without all the internal monologuing about how dramatic the situation is.


I previously read If She Only Knew by Lisa Jackson and didn’t quite enjoy that one either, but at the very least, the narration didn’t feel as soap opera dramatic as this book.  Several reviewers mentioned how that book reminded them of a badly done Lifetime movie… and I’ve never seen a Lifetime movie before.  Now I’m wondering if this is what they’re like.


Thus far, aside from the scenes with our detectives investigating the murder, everthing else has been reeking with over-dramatisation.  The prologue detailing Josh Bandeaux’s murder as well as both scenes focused on (and detailed overly intricately), Caitlyn’s panic at having woken up in pools of blood and not remembering what had happened the night before (oh my! Titular reference alert!) when she went out and got the classical “memory loss” drunk going, have been very, very… well, dramatic.  Every single thought, every repeat reference to the situation, and even randomly spoken aloud sentences just seems to be… too much.


As I mentioned, the situation is dramatic enough as is without every single aspect of the narration trying even harder to provoke feelings of suspense.  In fact, it’s trying so hard that I’m starting to get annoyed.  Can’t we save the suspense for proper climax twists or surprise secrets?  Or at least be a little more subtle about it?


Or maybe I’ve misunderstood the whole point of suspense.


I don’t know.



Either this book needs to start getting a little bit better at holding my attention, or I’m going to have to rearrange some of my Reading Challenge lists.