I'm probably giving this more thought than is necessary, but I'm trying to decide if I want a single marker for my squares this year, or stick with the book covers for markers like last year.


I'm artistically challenged and so ended up with something like this while messing around with some limited stickers on my phone's picture editing.





Red-eyed Penni!


It looked a lot cooler right after I finished it.  But there's also Penni with Horns and Flaming Eye Penni.



Okay... I'm done now.  I think I'm just going to stick with the book covers.  There's just no way to make cute little Penni look scary.


All else fails, there's always Creepy Gold Eyes Baby.



I didn't mess with this one--I found Baby hiding under my parents bed, took a picture, and his eyes just reflected that way.  I DID use a cartoon effect, though, that made his face less blurry, and the shadows a lot sharper.


Okay... it's probably time to go to sleep... or get some reading done.