There was an earlier post by Hol when she landed on Tomorrowland 36:

Read a book with either an image of or from space, or where the author's full name contains all of the letters in "SPACE."


She had mentioned that she looked through every book she owned and couldn't find any author whose name contains all the letters in 'SPACE'. So on a whim (and productively wasting hours of my day, because I got caught up in the activity), I went through, first my own shelves, then my entire list of 3000+ books shelved at GR to find author's whose names had all the letters in "SPACE" present.


And, because I am who I am, I made a spreadsheet and proceeded to document all the authors names from my GR shelves, marking off how many letters in their names correspond with the word 'SPACE'.  There were certainly a lot of names (500+) that had three of the five letters, and even two that had none of the letters present.


This... turned out to be a rather frustrating, difficult, and drawn-out, yet somehow addictive task...  I just couldn't stop listing and counting letters...  You should see my spreadsheet... it might be a bit too elaborate for just listing names, though.


I'm due to finish cleaning out my closet and doing some more tidying up and cleaning around the house since we have relatives coming next month... but I found this task a great way to procrastinate, I suppose.  O.o


Anyway, out of over 1000+ authors on my list, only 24 actually fit the criteria, with all five letters of the word "SPACE" accounted for within the author's full name.


I even went as far as doing some Google work to see if I could find middle names, or figure out what some initials stood for--which also wasn't an easy task.  Some authors, I found, were using their pen names, so I went ahead and included their real name as well.  Other authors have several pseudonyms that they've used over the years.


I think Jayne Ann Krentz has seven or eight of them, outside of her better known two: Amanda Quick and Jayne Castle.  Authors who liked to use initials for their name were also hard to figure out, as there are very few places that will even tell you what those initials stand for.  And then you find out that that name might be a pen name... and you're not sure how to proceed from there.


Anyway, long story short, here are the authors I came up with from my own TBR shelves, taken straight from my spreadsheet.


Bancroft, Stephanie (pseudonym)
Buck, Pearl S. (Siddenstricker)
Camp, Shannen Crane
Chapman, Elsie
Conant-Park, Jessica
Cypess, Leah
Harris, Neil Patrick
Kinsella, Sophie (Madeleine Sophie Wickham) real
Lewis, C.S. (Clive Staples)
Michaud, Stephen G.
Ness, Patrick
Paolini, Christopher
Park, Jessica
Parker, Amy Christine
Pearce, Jackson
Pitcher, Chelsea
Podos, Rebecca
Prelutsky, Jack
Richards, Penny
Rosemoor, Patricia
Sparks, Nicholas (Charles)
Spencer, Cathy
Stampler, Ann Redisch
Weekes, Patrick


At least two of the authors listed above, I'm not entirely sure about.


1.  Stephanie Bancroft is actually a pen name that Stephanie Bond used to use for some of her romances.  If we go by this name, it has all five necessary letters.  If we just go by Stephanie Bond's real name, we're still missing a 'c'.  So I'm not entirely sure if an author's name counts if it's a pen name.


2.  Sophie Kinsella, in contrast, is the pen name, and the author's real name, if Wiki is to be trusted, is Madeleine Sophie Wickham, which perfectly includes all five letters of 'SPACE' in it.


Other parentheses above merely include the author's middle name, or in C.S. Lewis's case, what his initials stand for.


Anyway, hopefully this list can help some others out, and if anyone can come up with others, let me know and I'll add it to my spreadsheet.



One of the reasons I went to the trouble, mainly, was because this particular game space seemed like a doozy, and I wondered about what I would do if I landed on it myself.  Much like Hol, I'm not entirely interested in space reads, either, so I'd otherwise have to sit this one out if I landed there.


I know I might have gotten a little obsessive about this little activity, but the idea stuck and I just couldn't stop thinking about it until I finished the task.


I suppose I could start a Reading List, like Tannat's been doing.  I'll get around to it at some point.



Edit:  I've started a Reading List at: Tomorrowland 36 Suggestions.  I think I've done it right.