Stitching Snow - R.C. Lewis

I started reading Stitching Snow sometime last night at work... and then I realized I was having trouble putting the book down until I had to remind myself to get back to work.  I had a feeling I would enjoy this book, but I hadn't realized I'd enjoy it this much.


Before I started reading it, the book had caught my radar blips because of the summary and other reviews I've read.  The concept gave me the impression of a YA Star Wars type of epic sci-fi, futuristic space odyssey kind of intrigue.  I was worried that all the hype I could potentially give myself would ruin how I really feel about the book once I started reading it.


And you know, this book is equal parts exciting, intriguing, and awesomely un-put-down-able.


Essie a strong heroine with skillz to get her through survival of her life.  And while Dane is kind of getting on my nerves a little bit (he reminds me of those psychotic kidnappers who forcefully take you away from your life and your home, then get irritated when you try to fight back, and somehow manages to feel like you should be grateful he's at least being civil with you in your current turmoil).  Oh wait, that is exactly what Dane has done... he also grumbles about her making trouble and causing problems.


So fortunately, Essie fights right back to remind Dane that he was the one who kidnapped her, and he was the one who lied to her, and he was the one who wouldn't listen when she tried to tell him she only patched up his ship with enough sturdiness to make it eight days in space and not nearly long enough to go where he actually wants to go.  So no, Dane, you have no right to complain about your victim causing trouble when you're the one who did the kidnapping in the first place.


I really DO hope that Dane develops a bit more personality and significance soon, because he's not sitting so well on my "Spiffy Guy" scale right now.  Between the broody and the condescension, I'm not getting much great vibes here from him.



However, in a way, I'm ready for Dane to come around and ally with Essie rather than trying to use her life and her freedom as a means to exchange for other people's lives and freedoms.  Between the two of them working together, I have a feeling they can figure out a better solution for his conflict.


Also, I get why this book is called Stitching Snow now.