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Top Ten Goals/Resolutions for 2015


I don't like making resolutions, to be totally honest.  I have trouble keeping resolutions and I don't like making myself promises (at least officially and documented, declared to the interwebz world) for the new year; too many factors can change too many plans made in advance.


And thus, this is a short and sweet list.



1.  Put a dent in my bookshelf (digital & physical).  See Mt. TBR Challenge.

I have a massive collection of books due to compulsive book buying at warehouse sales, used book stores, and random deals and discounts via Amazon Kindle.  At the very least, I want to try and read a good amount of what I already own... despite the fact that I'll probably end up buying more books still.  It'll happen.



2.  Try to continue and expand the Mini Book Club I started with BFF last year.

This goal is a little harder to keep up since it requires maintaining a working book club list with my best friend... who hasn't really been in the Book Clubbing mood as of late.  Meanwhile... I guess I could Book Club alone somehow.



3.  Read and intimidating series, such as Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series.  Or at least make an attempt to read the 1st book of an intimidating series... such as Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series.

There are always intimidatingly long series that can be extremely overwhelming to read.  With so many books out there, I sometimes feel a bit anxious tying myself to a series when my reading mood changes so erratically.



4.  Blog more.  Find my format for blogging.  Have more fun blogging.  Just... blog more in general.

Pretty much that.



5.  Balance more with Television and Reading... and other stuff.

I keep being told what television series and what movies I need check out.  I figure a little balance in my life might be a good idea... although reading will still be my first love.  Of course, having been reading the fictional Richard Castle's Nikki Heat series lately, I got drawn into watching the television series Castle and I have been enjoying it a lot.  Maybe there will be others I can enjoy as well.



6.  Make more use of my local library's convenient hold/request system.  I'm also planning on helping out the library by joining the Friends of the Public Library group with donations and such.

I love going to the library even if I also love owning books.



7.  Give Audiobooks more significant chances to woo me.

I started listening to audiobooks this year as a means of "re-reading" books.  It also works out since I like to multi-task sometimes--listening to audiobooks while writing blog posts, playing computer games, or doing menial tasks (as well as during my drive to work) has been quite worthwhile.  I'm going to give listening to new audiobooks a chance as well now and I figure it'll be easier for me to listen to non-fiction audiobooks.



8.  Read something Non-Fiction... or a couple of somethings.

On the note of non-fiction, I DO own a couple plus few true crime novels.



9.  Take a 1-week (or however many days I can manage) Reading Sabbatical where all I do is read and maybe write reviews, comment on books, and discuss books.

Reading and Vacation and R&R.  As simple as that.



10.  Stay on top of my TBR list and complete all my book challenges.

And THAT is the ultimate goal!