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Top Ten Books I Wouldn't Mind Santa Bringing This Year



For any bookworm/nerd, there are never too many books you can own.  Even with no room for more of anything on my tiny bookshelf, I personally always want more.


For myself, while I love e-books and the convenience they offer for the Reader in me, there's nothing like a real, hardcopy physical book.  And so for this list, I am going to restrict myself to certain standards of what books I would love for Santa to bring me this year (otherwise, this would become a neverending list, of course).  First of all, I will only list books that have already been released--Santa can start receiving my list of books I want in 2015 and take notes.  Next, I will list books that I don't actually own as a paperback or hardcover--books I own as an e-book don't really count for me.


Finally, I'm picky about what books I want to own, and so in order to make this list easier to put together, I decided only to list books I've already read.


With that in mind...



#1)  Fairest by Gail Carson Levine

Fairest is one of the few first fairy tale retellings I've ever read, after Ella Enchanted.  And surprisingly, from creativity, culture, ideas, characters, and many other factors in this book, I liked it much more than I did Ella.  For the longest time, I've just been wanting to own this book.



#2, #3, #4)  Fire & Thorn series by Rae Carson

-- The Girl of Fire and Thorns

-- The Crown of Embers

-- The Bitter Kingdom

As a set of books that rekindled an obsession with Young Adult High Fantasy novels for me, I definitely want to own these in hardcover or something.



#5, #6, #7)  The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater

-- The Raven Boys

-- The Dream Thieves

-- Blue Lily, Lily Blue

This set was a given.  I love Maggie's Raven Cycle books.  There are not doubts about that.




#8)  Ultraviolet by R.J. Anderson

Ultraviolet is a book I found lots of enjoyment in and I have been wanting to own it ever since I read it.  I would also like to have Quicksilver too, but I had to narrow the list down and with my own OCD restrictions for this list... well...



#9, #10)  Pivot Point by Kasie West

-- Pivot Point

-- Split Second

I love Kasie West and I love her books and I especially loved this little duology.




-- Alternative Books --  (Ya know, just in case Santa needs other ideas... or just wants to be extra nice...)


FBI/US Attorney series by Julie James

-- Something About You

-- A Lot Like Love

-- About That Night

-- Love Irresistibly

-- It Happened One Wedding




And then if Santa is so inclined to move into the future with his Christmas-y special powers and can bring me any book I want, I would very much love to have Maggie Stiefvater's fourth Raven Cycle book, in both Kindle e-book format and hardcopy trade paperback or hardcover, whichever comes first.  Just sayin'.